What Is Cryptocurrency?Is It Really Profitable?

Hello guyz how are you ? I hope all are you fine. So Today I am going to discuss about the cryptocurrency . I hope you already listen the Bitcoin , ethereum and many more this type cryptocurrency coin. If you can invest today any best cryptocurrency coin then it can be give you a huge amount of money so let’s start I am discussed you step by step and try to cover everything about cryptocurrency.

What Is The Cryptocurrency?

Normally cryptocurrency is a virtual coin. For example if you purchase the Paytm gold through your Paytm app then gold will be stored in a secure vault locker fortunetly we can the purchase your Paytm gold to physical gold that is the other matter . But we want to discuss about this currency. Any time we can purchase the Paytm gold it is the virtual gold . when I am like to you purchase it can buy anytime and its can sale every time.

Thus as per conclusion cryptocurrency is a virtual coin. You can send your coin to anyone. Too many coin already add in the cryptocurrency exchange like ethereum [ ETH ] , Bitcoin [ BTC ] , usdt etc.

It Is Legal In Our Country?

After very long time this matter going to the supreme court. This case is ongoing upto 2-3 years , i hope it is the too many time. But it is legal or not ? Actually not comed any clear answer but RBI says that any bank cannot invest the any cryptocurrency. But if you go to the Wikipedia and search about the Bitcoin it’s really so that its legal in India but it Bank band. This time bitcoin is going to the rising up. I hope this time is the best to invest in your money.

What Is The Bitcoin?

Besically Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency. You can invest through any online application , but I can highly recommend with you the coinswitch , zebpay etc application. it is fully risk free and 100% genuine app , so you can easly invest in your money. Bitcoin will be start on 2009. When it is start , its price only 7 rs per coin. But fortunetly or unfortunrtly when am write the post today its price will be crossed 10 lakh 10 thousend indian rupees.

More Knowledge About Cryptocurrency

You got a wallet when you download any application like zebpay , clinswitch etc and create its.Where the accumulated your money will be stored. Your wallet will be fully safe and secure. If you want to send money any person its can send via wallet to wallet its going instantly like paytm to paytm trasfer. I can suggest you to the best wallet .. TRUST WALLET is a one of the most populer application and very easy to use. When invest your money in the Bitcoin , ethereum or any other cryptocurrency then it’s can going up your money will be increase and when it’s going down your money can be decreased. So please keep it in your mind cryptocurrency investment is riskfull but everything is riskable. When you going to invest must reasearch everything about the cryptocurrency.

Can We Get Best Return Bettar Then FD Or Sevings Account?

If you follow my strategy i can suggest you invest the Bitcoin now it can give you a huge amount of money. Few years ago like 2016-2017 Bitcoin price 200000 something but today it’s going to rising up the amount crossed 10 akh something. Everyday its increase 5% -6% profit. So why want to westing your time? invest now today with sip. That is Systemtic Investment Plan. You can start your investment 100 rs only. After investment is done then sometimes take 15-20 minits to refelect in your account that why? If you face any problem then get a best customer support.

How Can We Buy Any Cryptocurrency?

When you download with installed your Wallet application then must complete your KYC it is mandetory. then choose your preferable cryptocurrency which one to invest > press to the buy option > enter your amount > process now your payment through any preaffarable payment method. After few seceonds it will be showed in your wallet. But when bitcoin going down then try to buy am then its can really profitable.

How Can We Sell Cryptocurrency?

When you reaches your expected profit then try you to go sell in your currency. When you want to sell then transfer your all money BTC wallet to INR ( Indian Rupees ) wallet then send now your all money in your bank account. Its come instantly to your bank account. Some time its can take 24 hours.


Besically it is the safe investment but not risk free. So if you want to the full risk free investment please don’t invest any cryptocurrency because its very volatelite market. India already going to the increase digitally platfrom at the moment . So some time later i hope all indian people must use this. You are the online hero’s subscriber so why you wait? Today invest now any cryptocurrency and make now huge amount of profit.

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