Best 5 Browser For Android

Browser is a software which enables us to access internet. It helps us to visit different types of websites. We can see images , videos and news with many types of official work from different browsers.browsers provides us a platform to get access of different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. There are browser in every mobile it is a very important part of every mobile. Without browser you cannot open any website.

How Can You Get These Browser?

Each an every device have browser like Google Chrome with inbuilt in some another mobile phones for example xiaomi provides their own browser in built in the phone thats name MI BROWSER. There are many other browsers which you can download separately for different work many browser are already avaliable google play store. You can easily download any browser just following this steps.

First go to the Google Play Store. Now search browsers. You will get many browsers you can download any one from there but am not recomend you to use any unknown browser. Here I recommend you few best browsers..

1. Via Browser

Via browser is a one of the most populer and uniqe browser.It is a very unique browser and widely used due to its special features . This app size is very small only 551 kb, lightning Speed search, clear data on exit and many other features in the settings. All the people can easily use it due to its size. Easy to use and very light app size has increase this app’s popularity.

2. Google Chrome

This is one of the best browser for Android it is developed by Google. It is highly secure. Every phone has a Chrome browser an inbuilt in it. So i hope everyone know about this browser.You cannot remove this browser from your phone but you can disable it. Due to its performance and less bugs this is the number two browser in our list.

3. Dolphin Browser

This is also a very awsome browser with 4.1 star rating in the Play Store, it is a very big company’s application,and it is also very old Browser from google playstore. This is a very secure browser you can easily download from google play store.

4. Mozila Firefox

This is a best browser which is less used than others but it is a number four because of its features like ok security, less buffering, less ads , less bugs . This is also a secure browser for android . Mostly people download this browser for business purposes.

5. Duck Duck Go

Duck duck go is a best browser. Less bugs , No Ads. Entry and exit from this app is very smooth. This app os very easy to use. This browser also avaliable on google play store.

Why Should I Use This Browser?

There are many browsers in the market, but these are the browsers of big companies and these are very old, trusted, secure network ,fast and buffering less browsers. Some browsers can slow down the mobile. Some browsers can take your data and misuse it anytime.theare are very trusted browsers so I recommend you to use this browser. So you can easily download any one browser. All listed browser are very good.


Browser is a very important part of our mobile phone and we should be hundred percent secure and be trusted with our browsers.Thre all listed browsers are also secure and provide awesome network.Please download best browser out of big company for example Google ,dolphin, Mozilla etc . These browsers do not leak your data and thus we are all safe while we are searching anything on internet.that’s why it is very important to know what browser you are using . So i strongly recommend you to use these browsers for your daily need and work.

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